Asterisms: Ally’s Braid

Prolific stargazer and musician Stephen Saber coined the term Ally’s Braid for this beautiful chain of stars running south and east from the Pleiades (aka the Seven Sisters) in the constellation Taurus, describing the asterism as “the flowing locks of Lady Alcyone”. 
Alcyone is the name of the star marked ‘1’ on the map below.

*image courtesy of SDSS*

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sitting in plato: earth viewed from the moon 

simulated pics as seen from the lunar crater plato *courtesy of celestia*

earth occults the pleiades (messier 45)

earth visits the hyades (caldwell 41)

earth occults saturn

earth occults mars

earth occults sol (total solar eclipse)

a total solar eclipse from earth is seen as a shadow transit from the moon

full shadow transit vidclip at

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saber does the stars at


Quick and Dirty Binocular Magnification Comparisons

stephen saber

here’s a couple for lady luna. couldn’t decide which i liked better. top one has a pac-man thing going on. image scale only. resolution is actually much better in higher mag noks.

rough attempt at the pleiades from 7-30x

C14 is awesome!

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[raw photo credits: luna/vma, m45/cdc, c14/dss]